Published On: Mon, Aug 10th, 2015

Jewish activists launch crowdfunding appeal to breed perfect red heifer

Group dedicated to fulfilling biblical prophesy by building a Third Temple look for scientific solution to propagate holy cow with key role in messianic rituals
 Jewish third temple construction

A Jewish activist group dedicated to the controversial project of building a Third Temple in Jerusalem has launched a crowdfunding appeal to scientifically breed the “perfect red heifer”.

The creation of a Third Temple as a permanent house in which God will reside was prophesied by Ezekiel, and most orthodox Jewish authorities regard it as something that will be a miraculous event. A minority, however, believe that humans can build the temple.

An obstacle for the latter group is the belief that because the world is impure, individuals wishing to ascend to the Temple must be cleansed with water mixed with the ashes of a pure red heifer that has been ritually sacrificed.

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The Guardian, by Peter Beaumont



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