Published On: Sun, Aug 9th, 2015

Investors are running away from U.S. stocks

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They’re abandoning the United States and flocking to Europe and Japan in search of better places for their money to grow.

The bull market has been underway for over six years in U.S. stocks, but there are concerns that it’s overdue for a correction.

“The fact they are pulling money out of U.S. equities seems to indicate some sort of fear about the future, ” says Alina Lamy, a senior analyst at Morningstar.

The “Great Rotation” out of U.S. stocks began about a year ago, but it has really picked up steam in 2015.

So far this year, investors have withdrawn $64 billion from U.S. funds and put $158 billion of new money into international stock funds, according to Morningstar.

One reason investors are sprinting overseas is because American stocks have been essentially flatthis year while European and Japanese stocks are scoring double-digit gains.

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