Published On: Mon, Aug 3rd, 2015

Iran’s Khamenei writes 416-page book on long-term plan to destroy Israel


 ‘Screed’: According to the New York Post,

this book, called Palestine, contains details of how to wipe out Israel

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has written a 416-page book titled “Palestine” that details his long-term plan to destroy Israel, the Gatestone Institute think tank reported.

Khamenei states that his plan is rooted in “well-established Islamic principles” rather than the “European phenomenon” of anti-Semitism, according to Iranian-born author Amir Taheri.

“One such [Islamic principle] is that a land that falls under Muslim rule, even briefly, can never again be ceded to non-Muslims, ” Taheri wrote. “What matters in Islam is control of a land’s government, even if the majority of inhabitants are non-Muslims.”

While using the ayatollah’s usual incendiary descriptors for Israel such as “a cancerous tumor, ” Khamenei’s book does not recommend “classical wars” to wipe the Jewish state off the map, but instead advocates “a long period of low-intensity warfare designed to make life unpleasant if not impossible for a majority of Israeli Jews so that they leave the country, ” wrote Taheri.

“His calculation is based on the assumption that large numbers of Israelis have dual-nationality and would prefer emigration to the United States or Europe to daily threats of death, ” he wrote. “Khamenei makes no reference to Iran’s nuclear program. But the subtext is that a nuclear-armed Iran would make Israel think twice before trying to counter Khamenei’s strategy by taking military action against the Islamic Republic. In Khamenei’s analysis, once the cost of staying in Israel has become too high for many Jews, Western powers, notably the U.S., which has supported the Jewish state for decades, might decide that the cost of doing so is higher than possible benefits.”

The book, according to Taheri, “has received approval from Khamenei’s office and is thus the most authoritative document regarding his position on the issue.”

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