Published On: Sun, Aug 2nd, 2015

Slain baby’s grandfather hopes he was ‘the last casualty of this terror war’

Hussein Dawabsha says he helped build the Israeli hospital where his daughter is fighting for her life after Molotov cocktail attack

Hussein Dawabsha,   the baby's grandfather is seen on the right. (AFP PHOTO  THOMAS COEX)


In a column Sunday for the Yedioth Ahronoth daily,  Hussein Dawabsha, whose grandson Ali Dawabsha was burned to death in an alleged Jewish terrorist attack in the Palestinian village of Duma on Friday, said he hoped his grandson was the “last victim of this terror war.”

In his column Dawabsha described how the family grandma, who chose to sleep on the roof because of the heat, noticed their daughter’s house was in flames. “She woke me up screaming. I told myself, this cannot be happening’, Yedioth Ahronoth published.

“I jumped in the car and raced over the house. I refused to believe it. When I got there, I was met with a scene I will never forget: the house was totally burned, there was soot everywhere, and the stench was terrible. I went crazy… I sat on the floor and sobbed. My family is gone.”

The doctors, Dawabsha said, told him that Ali “probably cried and screamed from pain — but no one could save him. “The fire got him as his mother carried him on her back, and he was burned alive, ” he wrote in his column.

“We are simple people, who pursue and seek peace, ” Dawabsha wrote. “We don’t want terror on either side, and we condemn it.”

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