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A call with the president – Urgency in his voice

President Barak Obama

The White House invited groups of Jewish political activists like including J street to participate in an open call with President Barack Obama.

The invitation from the White House sounded urgent and reminded somewhat the call to action president Obama was doing during his election campaign .

We’re excited to invite you and your members to join a conference call with President Barack Obama and folks from around the country to discuss the P5+1 Nuclear Deal with Iran.The President will discuss the historic deal and its importance to the country and the international community.

The call took place on Thursday.

After about 20 min wait the voice of the president sounded very casual and cautious at the same time.

“Hi all , thank you all for being on the call ”

No happy exciting bells but very defined call to action- sounds of urgency- “its in your hands the groups who work on diplomacy to make sure that this deal will be approved. Don’t wait act now..”

And what will happen if not? Well, then America will loose face . Will be regarded as not capable to pull through a deal that the administration worked on for a long time. “We were able to mobilize and convince many European countries to join us in arriving to this deal and finalizing it , how will they see us and relate to us in the future?”

The president reiterated many points that were repeated in the past like- its not a deal based on trust but on verifications.
– this is not a perfect deal but the best that could be achieved under this circumstances- Our critics are the type of people that will object any deal with Iran- in the next 10 years the Iranians won’t be able to work on a nuclear Arsenal …

But if we don’t go ahead with this deal? That means we’re taking the chance that Iran is about 6 month- one year away from producing a bomb. How is this to scare us all and push everyone into action to bring the deal to fruition ?

The listeners weren’t given a chance to ask questions, although we were invited for a conference call… Instead the president constructed his speech around questions and doubts that are constantly being raised & asked.

I prepared myself to ask “Mr President; with the funds that will be released to Iran we know that in no time they will end up in the hands of the Hezbollah that will act against Israel. How are you prepared to protect the Israeli people ? what would you say to them?

Well, the president apparently was prepared to answer my question in full.

Its important to understand that if Iran will use the money that America releases to them to sponsor the Hezbollah and other terror groups, USA can still stop them in anyway. America chooses to do so. Under this deal, sanctions will remain firmly in place against support for terrorism and missile development.

So, President ​Obama ​believes that without this agreement, Iran could reach break-out to an atomic bomb within six months, unless then prevented from doing so through a military attack. Therefore, in his view, the best option for stabilizing  the situation was by drafting an agreement between the parties through diplomatic means that both sides could live with.

The conversation lasted 30 minutes and the campaign in full swing.






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