Adam Sandler’s Latest Movie ‘Pixels’ Sux


pixels adam sandler

Its official! What should comes as a surprise to no one, the critics hate Adam Sandler’s latest movie “Pixels.”

Talk about a stinker! The movie review site Rotten Tomatoes gave it all of a 15% rating.

Absolutely no one expects anything of quality from Adam Sandler any more. “The Cobbler, ” “Jack and Jill, ” “Grown Ups” 1 & 2, need we go on.

The one thing that let us hold out hope that his newest movie would be any better was that it also stars the great actor Peter Dinklage who is everyone’s favorite from “Game of Thrones.”

The Hollywood Reporter said: “Within the rarified realm of 1980s video game nostalgia, Pixels is no Wreck-It Ralph. At isolated moments a tolerably amusing send-up of alien-invasion disaster movies in which the attackers are video arcade–era renegades arrived to gobble up as many famous landmarks as possible, this one-note comedy runs out of gas within an hour (it is based on a short film) and should have been trimmed to a neat 90 minutes.”

But The Wrap was much harsher: “Imagine if eating Doritos, making fart sounds with your hands, rolling your eyes at your mom or something else you’d effortlessly mastered as a snotty seventh grader was the key to saving the world. Actually, you probably wouldn’t imagine such a scenario, because that’s not just a lazy fantasy, but a fantasy about laziness, and when most of us envision ourselves being the best that we can be, it’s not because we want to put in the least amount of effort and growth possible.

“Perhaps it should be expected, though, that Adam Sandler, the movie star many of us most readily associate with creative sloth and arrested development, stars in a space-invader movie in which all the hero has to do is play video games from his childhood.”


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