Rockstar’s generous solution to GTA 5 money glitches


GTA_V Rockstar's generous solution to GTA 5 money glitches

Ever since the release of Grand Theft Auto V game developers Rockstar have become increasingly frustrated with gamers bending the rules, and unearthing money glitches. However, now it would seem that a rather generous solution has come to fruition.

The problem that Rockstar has with glitches of this kind are obvious, they want consumers to pay for in-game cash rather than cheating. The Rockstar store offers all sorts of different gaming packages whereby people can purchase in-game credit and use it to enhance their gaming experience, although countless glitches have been found and exploited.

As a matter of fact, this news comes just after our recent coverage of the latest “GTA money scam, ” as gamers have found yet another way to cheat the system… READ MORE 

Game Zone by By David Purcell



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