Published On: Sun, Jul 19th, 2015

Newly discovered Jupiter twin hints at new solar system similar to Earth’s

For an exoplanet to support life, having a star similar to our sun nearby is a good thing. Such stars are plentiful -- an easy find, astronomers say.


Astronomers may found planet similar to Earth,  according to a new study on the search for “solar system 2.0.”

This potential twim located about 200 light-years from Earth near a star called HIP 11915 that is very much like our sun. The star can be seen using binoculars near the constellation Cetus in North America’s southern night skies….

what makes this new solar system a special match to our own?

There is strong evidence that it has a planet that mimics our Jupiter, a gaseous giant with a similarly huge mass. Astronomers believe the Jupiter twin also orbits HIP 11915 about the same distance as Jupiter does our sun… READ MORE



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