Chellie Pingree fined $9, 750 for using then-fiance’s private jet in 2010 campaign


Pingree-and- Donald Sussman


The Federal Election Commission has fined Democratic U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree $9, 750 for accepting campaign jet rides from Pingree’s then-fiance, Donald Sussman.

Pingree and her 2010 campaign treasurer, Anne Rand, were also ordered in the FEC’s decision on Wednesday to reimburse nearly $13, 500 to Sussman’s company, Magic Carpet Enterprises LLC, which Pingree said she has personally done.

The decision stems from a 2010 complaint filed by the Maine Republican Party, which claimed that Pingree violated election law when she used Sussman’s private jet to fly to a fundraiser in New York… Continue reading

BDN MAIN, By Christopher Cousins



Pingree-and- Donald Sussman

Sussman has made a significant contribution towards the building costs of the hospice,

an offshoot of the Pen Bay Medical Center in Rockport, Maine.More…


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