New Israeli Dating App Hashsnap Promises to Change the World



Award winning Israeli startup Hashsnap, which calls itself the first authentic dating app, is now launching in San Francisco after a round of funding and successful beta testing. Just what the world needs, yet another dating service.

Doesn’t every website which promises to help you meet your mate, whether specializing in Jews, Christians, Asians, Blacks, Tall people or short people, already have its own app.

This one explains that it is for people who are “looking for a real relationship and care about personality, but are tired of reading and writing dating profiles.” The app bills itself as “a social network for meeting new people through authentic profiles based on snaps that show off personality in addition to appearance.”

Hashsnap declares its driving philosophy to be that in order to discover someone’s personality, you need to observe their behavior in a variety of contexts. The company boasts that it provides these contexts by prompting users with new themes each day. Users can then find creative ways of taking live pictures of themselves that go with the daily theme.

Every 24 hours Hashsnap offers a new daily theme, which is embedded into any snap you take.

Snaps can only be taken live through the app’s camera. That means no more profiles with outdated or altered pictures. When 2 people mutually like each other they connect and can start chatting.

When someone you’re connected with uploads a new snap, you’ll receive it as a private message. You can share your reaction with an emoji.

Hashsnap won third place in the prestigious Mr. / Ms. Silicon Valley 2015 competition and already have 2K users signed up in San Francisco prior to the official launch.

Hashsnap will be hosting a launch event in San Francisco during the month of July. Approaching the team through the app is the best way to get invited. Look for them at Dolores Park this weekend as well.


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