Chelsea Handler could be banned on Instagram for frequently posting nude photos?


Chelsea Handler


Nobody can really stop comedian Chelsea Handler from going nude. Recently, she posted on Instagram another video of her water skiing, only topless. But the said photo sharing network blocked the said video for its nudity, where Handler did not take lightly, saying that Instagram was being un-American.

The 40-year old comedian Chelsea Handler is proving that even though she’s aged, she can still be as hot as the teenage girls around. Handler posted a video of herself on Instagram while water skiing on the Fourth of July to show her patriotism. But Instagram immediately removed the video because it was nude and the said photo sharing app has rules to comply… Read more



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chelsea handler

– – Chelsea Handler really wants everyone to know that she

still looks good over 40. The comic has yet again released a

picture on Instagram where she is not wearing any clothes.

She also shows that she can More…

chelsea handler

– – As everybody knows, Chelsea Handler will soon premiere a

new show on Netflix. She chose to make the jump to live streaming

rather than stay with the E! network, but did you know how much money she gave More…

Chelsea Handler

– – Chelsea Handler has written a touching tribute to her

late mother for Mother’s Day today. This is a change of pace for the

usually provocative and even offensive comic. In an open post

in The Huffington More…

Chelsea Handler topless sm

– – Chelsea Handler certainly has a sharp wit. Handler held

forth with Esquire writer-at-large Scott Raab last week at Hearst Corp.

headquarters in New York as part of a series of talks held for the benefit More…

chelsea handler c

– – Is Chelsea Handler auditioning for a spot as a Victoria’s Secret Model?

Is she trying to get a gig as a stripper somewhere? Or is she just making a

statement about being a woman over 40? No, she’s More…


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