Published On: Mon, Jul 13th, 2015

JPay Makes Tablet for Inmates

The hope is that prisoners will be able to use tablets for educational purposes.


Would you believe that there is now a tablet made especially for prisoners? Well there is! Florida’s JPay has introduced the new Android based JP5mini, which comes with a clear cover so that nothing can be hidden inside of it so that prison inmates can use it.

The hope is that prisoners will be able to use tablets for educational purposes and be able to better themselves for a new life once they are released. The company believes that its product will help cut down on the recidivism rates among former convicts.

JPay is a nine year old company which states that it is committed to helping friends and family of inmates stay connected to their incarcerated loved ones through a variety of corrections-related services offered in more than 30 states across the U.S. It serves more than 1.9 million prisoners.

The company also provides “the quickest and most reliable” payment options for individuals in community corrections.

The JP5mini offers all of JPay’s products and services. The tablet features a host of new apps. It is built with Wi-Fi capability to accommodate facilities that are transitioning to wireless networks.

The tablet has a compact size of 4.3 inches, which is an important convenience factor given the constant movement of inmates while in prison. It also features 32 megabytes of storage and a dual-core processor, which not only enables users to handle multiple tasks, but also offers a lengthy battery life so inmates can play over 35-hours of music and watch 12-hours of video.

“Announcing a new tablet is a major milestone, but the real excitement is how we’re upgrading our company’s capabilities, ” said JPay CEO, Ryan Shapiro. “We will be delivering far more apps at a faster pace, which should result in the betterment of inmate rehabilitation and education.”

Designed to be effective in the prison environment, the JP5mini was constructed out of clear, polycarbonate plastic and built to be temperature and impact-resistant. The tablet’s mold design is customized for rigorous use, and they are even drop-tested from 30-feet to ensure maximum durability.

Features include:

Passive RFID to verify ownership.

Secure boot loader to ensure no other operating system can be installed.

A Linux Kernel, customized for corrections security.

“This tablet, combined with our current reach, has the capacity to truly rehabilitate offenders on a massive scale, ” Shapiro added. “We believe a real change is coming to corrections and we are excited to be at the forefront.”

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