Facebook has decided to drop post likes and shares

Facebook Like

Facebook Like

Facebook likes and shares will provide you with an honest idea of however popular your posts are, and since sharing is crucial for social media, they will be considered as 2 of the website’s key options.

Apparently, though, they are a lot of like extra metrics creating success a lot of harder to measure for advertisers, as individuals accidentally click them (especially the likes of button) all the time.

So, Facebook has decided to drop posts likes and shares from their Cost per Click (CPC) measurements, creating them less valuable than they’re today.

When the company’s new API rolls get in the approaching weeks, advertisers can see adjusted CPCs that solely count clicks leading you to an external web site, to install an app or to look at a video on another domain.

While the 2 buttons do not matter as much any longer, The social giant maintains that they are not fully useless either: “If an ad has millions of likes and shares, that is a signal of high-quality content being delivered to the user.”

Besides, they may be still as important to you and an honest indicator of success for company, celebrity and pseudo-celebrity pages.


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