Published On: Wed, Jul 8th, 2015

The EU Countries Granting The Most Citizenship


Which European countries grant the most citizenship every year? Spain and the UK granted more citizenship than almost all other EU countries combined in 2013, the latest year where data is available. However, in relative terms, Ireland granted the most citizenship of any EU country in 2013, according to Eurostat. Ireland acquired 5.3 citizens per 1, 000 residents that year while Sweden came a very close second with 5.2 new citizens for every 1, 000 residents.

Statistics and facts on the European Union (EU)

The European Union is described foremost as a political and economic partnership-type institution with 27 member states, all of them European countries. Also commonly shortened to just ‘the EU’, the European Union was founded after the end of the Second World War. Starting goals were aimed at ensuring peace and stability for nations shaken and torn apart by by the horrors of the war, as well as preventing another such conflict from ever taking place again. Consolidation and common goals for prosperity were a big theme in the early days of the EU. Statistics on the number of conflicts in Europe report 15 violent conflicts in 2013, which, while being a slightly higher number than in previous years, is still lower than the peak of 21 conflicts in 2007.


This chart shows citizens acquired per 1, 000 residents in EU member states in 2013.

Infographic: The EU Countries Granting The Most Citizenship | Statista
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