Millennials Cooking More Due to Smartphones, Says Google Study


DSCF4650 cooking kitchen home house - DEATH

New research from Google has shown that the so called Millennial generation may actually be doing more of their own cooking because of smartphones.

This is in contrast to the image of Millennials as people who are lazy, expect most things to be done for them and are more likely to order in or eat fast food than to actually cook.

Google conducted the research with mcgarrybowen and Kraft Foods which found that 59% of 25- to 34-year-olds cook with either their smartphones or tablets.

The company said that people that age, “prefer the culinary process as much as the finished dish: They want to dive into everything, experiment with new recipes, and learn new skills.”

“We see through secondary research that millennials are cooking more, ” says Anna Conroy, planning director for mcgarrybowen. “It isn’t a chore as much as an ability to create an experience.”

See the full report here.


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