Matt Lauer’s Trees Bother Hamptons Neighbors


matt lauer

Matt Lauer’s plan to plant a line of tress around his Water Mill property in Southampton Town is angering the television news star’s neighbors. One Jack Wasserman has complained that the planting along the property’s northern border will block his view of the 40 acre farm and has sent a letter to Lauer’s lawyers insisting that the Today Show star change his mind, the New York Post has reported.

Wasserman told the Post that, “along the northerly boundary of the farm property, with the vast majority being planted along the perimeter of Jack and Jodi Wasserman’s property, which currently has unobstructed views of the Farm, ” and “The proposed trees would obliterate the Wassermans’ views of the Farm.”

The question is, what right does a neighbor have to stop someone from making their own property more private?

If the trees would be so high that they would block other people’s views of things far away like the coastline then that would be one thing. But if Mr. Wasserman’s only complaint is that his view of Lauer’s property will be blocked then it is hard to sympathize with him.

It all depends of what the local and New York State laws have to say about it.

But a source told the Post that the plans for the trees were made in accordance with State law and are intended to protect Lauer’s horse farm.

“The Lauers were informed that the trees should be planted for the safety of horses and people. Planting trees creates safety for horses because they can get easily spooked. The state and the town all agreed. The agency felt like the trees should be planted for safety. Everything is completely by the books, ” said the source.


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