Published On: Thu, Jul 2nd, 2015

Google Apologizes After App Tagged Black People As ‘Gorillas’



Google is apologizing once reports surfaced that an automatic image-recognition feature in its Photos application was distinctive pictures of some black folks as “gorillas.”

A New york man announce an image of himself and a girlfriend on Twitter earlier on, showing that the Google image software had labelled each of them as “gorillas, ” that is typically used as a racial slur.

Google’s chief social architect Yonatan Zunger responded quickly, apologizing for the feature. Google says it’s “appalled and genuinely sorry” for what happened with the face recognition features. It says it’s taking immediate action to prevent those varieties of results from showing again.

For years, Kodak used a coating on its film that favored Caucasian skin tones, creating it harder to shoot darker skin. Nikon and other consumer camera corporations have conjointly had a history of showing bias to white faces with their face recognition software package.

Yonatan Zunger says that Google has had similar problems with face recognition because of inadequate analysis of skin tones and lighting. “We used to have a tangle with folks (of all races) being labelled as dogs, ” Yonatan Zunger said.

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