Facebook Messenger has rolled out its payments feature across the U.S


Facebook messenger has finally unrolled its payments feature across the U.S. Users can now make payments to friends right within the app, if they like.

David Marcus, the VP of messaging products of Facebook, quietly announced the news via a Facebook post on Tuesday, describing the payments feature as “easy and safe.”

To recap, users who add their debit card info in Messenger’s settings section will send payments by beginning a conversation with one or a lot of friends, picking the “$” icon that appears within the row above the code keyboard, and sound “Pay.” Users who receive cash do thus by gap up that friend’s message and acceptive the payment once prompted. And a bit like bank deposits, payment might take up to a few business days to travel through.

Facebook users will only add their debit card info for currently, a choice the corporate said was created to reduce fraud and avoid fees.

The messenger team has taken its time with payments since the long-awaited feature was declared in March, gradually rolling it out across the country to a handful of cities initial before going nationwide – a cautious approach likely done to avoid potential security problems. Along the means, the messenger team additionally beefed up payments with options just like the ability to pay within group chats.

While Marcus said the messenger team has no plans of making messenger a deep, multi-faceted platform to rival mature payments businesses like PayPal – the corporate he previously ran the move into mobile payments makes a lot of sense as long as space is poised to just about triple in volume from $52 billion in 2014 to $142 billion in 2019, in step with Forrester research.

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