Published On: Sat, Jun 27th, 2015

Now technology for Pizza Delivery by the Push of a Button


Telefónica unveiled what it calls a “smart button” alongside a few partners who’ll bring it to real-time action. Cabify can let folks order automobile transportation by the push of a button; a tiny printer within will print a receipt.

It’s kind of like Amazon’s Dash Buttons that alter one-click ordering of a family product. However Telefónica’s buttons use cellular networks, not home WiFi, and thus could be placed anywhere in a town or city. And by tapping customary smartphone networks, they will be used across the world, not simply on Telefónica’s networks.

The smart buttons represent the newest twist during a burgeoning class of product referred to as “The Web of Things, ” that spreads network computing to everything from traffic to door locks. It is a market in which several corporations are keen to cut an edge, since international outlay on devices and services related to The Web of Things is predicted to grow from $656 billion in 2014 to $1.7 trillion in 2020, consistent with research firm IDC.

Pushing a smart button to create a pizza pie could seem uncomfortably close to experiments where pigeons peck a key to get an award, however, lacing computer-powered, network-linked automation throughout our world may provide convenience and utility, not simply instant gratification.

Corporate at Telefónica says they plan to supply an unbranded version of the smart button for those who wish to customize it. A smart button may be handy for letting folks hail a taxi, vote on their favorite mural at a public art installation, or alert a laundromat that one of their machines needs maintenance. The devices will be battery powered or plug-ins.

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