BlackBerry’s introducing a $1 privacy subscription for Messenger users



BlackBerry is introducing a $1 privacy subscription for people who still use messenger on android, iOS, and Blackberry OS. It will totally replace the “private chat” feature and recent “timed and backward messages” possibility feature.

In addition to private chat, the subscription additionally offers users the ability to edit messages and includes the recent regular and backward messaging options.

Private chats strip everyone’s name and icon—they automatically disappear after a particular amount of inactivity—to shield folks from busybodies who love going through somebody else’s phone.

The android app gets a material design-inspired overhaul, as well, whereas the iOS version’s font size currently depends on the user’s settings. Android users and own platform Blackberry users ought to be ready to transfer the update and acquire the preemption, however iOS users still have to wait for it pop up on iTunes.

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