Published On: Fri, Jun 26th, 2015

Audi helps to make a moon rover for Google’s Lunar Xprize

Audi helps to make a moon rover for Google's Lunar Xprize


In a bid to to have the most stylish entry in Google’s lunar XPRIZE, Audi has teamed up with a group of German part-time scientists to place its rover on the moon.

The car maker says it is providing the Quattro’s four-wheel drive tech, an experience in light-weight construction and piloted driving. It is also getting a great deal of free advertising, because the rover is referred to as the Audi lunar Quattro moon rover just in case you forget who helped.

Google’s lunar XPRIZE offers a $30 million prize for the first team to induce a rover to the moon, The cover of 500 meters of it and broadcast HD video back to Earth because it goes. The important aim is to challenge engineers and scientists round the world into develop inexpensive (robotic) ways in which of exploring house.

Part-Time Scientists have already picked up 2 “milestone” prizes throughout the event of its rover — however the clout of Audi is over seemingly to assist it reach the moon.

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