Published On: Thu, Jun 25th, 2015

Lizzy Caplan Talks to Playboy

She also got upstaged last night by John Hamm on Jimmy Kimmel.

lizzie caplan

Lizzy Caplan is making the rounds to promote the upcoming third season of her hit show “Masters of Sex” and this includes giving an interview to Playboy. No she did not take her clothing off for the Men’s magazine, but she did not need to; she gets naked on just about every episode of the show.

Caplan told Playboy about what it is like doing all those steamy sex scenes. “It’s certainly not boring. They give us pretty intense stuff to do. A standard-issue sex scene is one thing, but standing completely naked and masturbating in front of someone is quite another. Arrgh. All that stuff we did in the second season is just now coming back to me. I’ve watched only the first season and three episodes from the second, in part because season two started airing while we were still shooting. I realized that, as an actress, especially in this role—in fact, only for this role so far in my career—it required a much different muscle to make the show than to watch it. Drama is such a departure for me. I wanted to trust my instincts and not let viewing—and the inevitable self-criticism—affect my performance. I don’t know many actors who enjoy watching their work anyway. At premieres they’ll go to dinner during the movie and then show up to the party.”

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She got practice at it when appearing on the first season of HBO’s “True Blood” almost a decade ago. Back then the actress needed to fill up on Grey Goose Vodka just to take her clothing off on camera. Fortunately for both her — and the viewers — she got used to it so she did not end up becoming an alcoholic.

(Read the whole interview here.)

Meanwhile, Lizzie made an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” the other day and was interrupted with a surprise visit from Jon Hamm. The actor has been Kimmel’s first guest on the show. Caplan was only number two, which usually means that you are not as big a star as the first guest. So Caplan told Kimmel she was better than Hamm which prompted the former Mad Men star to come back out on stage.

See it here:

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