SEE: Swastika carved Into Croatian Soccer Field Before European Match



No one knows yet who did it exactly, but from above it was quite clear that someone deliberately carved a Swastika into the grass in the middle of the field before a soccer game in the Croatian town of Split between the Croatian and Italian national teams on Friday.

The European soccer federation known as UEFA is expected to take action against the team. The game was played with no one in attendance because Croatia was already under sanction for its fans having made racist chants at a previous home game.

“We apologise to all viewers, our guests from Italy and the players from both teams, for the Nazi symbol on the Poljud Stadium grass, ” Croatian Football Federation press officer Tomislav Pacak said.

“Technically speaking, a chemical agent was used on the field 24 to 48 hours before the kick-off, timed to be visible during the qualifying match.”

soccer swastika croatia

Davor Suker, the president of the Croatian football association, told the Associated Press, “It’s one of our problems and we are working to fix it. Unfortunately something happened tonight too, but we would prefer not to talk about it now, we’ll talk about it from tomorrow.”


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