Published On: Fri, Jun 12th, 2015

Julianna Margulies Is Still Not On Twitter

"I'm [not going to] ask 20 million people to believe my character, then go to a mall and Tweet, 'Hey, it's me! I'm buying shoes!'"

julianna margulies

First of all, Julianna Margulies still looks stunning at 49. The current “The Good Wife” star Looks just as beautiful as on the first episode of “ER” more than 20 years ago.

And look at her former TV boyfriend George Clooney. Boy if these two had gotten together in real life imagine how good looking their kids would have been.

She still has yet to open her own Twitter account. This is not unusual seeing that president Obama only opened one a few weeks ago. And no, it is not because she is not Internet or tech savvy.

The actress explained to Net-A-Porter’s weekly digital fashion magazine, The Edit, that she just does not like how people Tweet all sorts of mundane and pointless chatter. She would only use it, if she were to have a Twitter account, to promote social causes.

“I’m [not going to] ask 20 million people to believe my character, then go to a mall and Tweet, ‘Hey, it’s me! I’m buying shoes!’ However, if I was just doing my philanthropic work, I would definitely Tweet; it’s a great tool to open people’s eyes, ” explained Margulies.

On equal rights for women in America she said, “There is a generation coming up that understands equal rights. People fight for what they believe in — equal pay, gay rights, all of these things that should have happened years ago. [But] we have a long way to go.”

On being famous: “I never think of myself as a famous person, ” she said about dealing with the negative side of fame. I think of myself as a working actor who happens to be in a show that everyone watches. I can’t control other people’s opinions of me; all I can control is my reaction to it, ” Margulies continued. “Someone in Idaho may hate me, but I don’t have to know about it!”

Meanwhhile, the actress and Clive Owen both spoke with Variety about their big breaks. See the video here:

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