CERN particle collider starts for the first time in 27 months shutdown



CERN – Today at 10.40am, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) operators declared “stable beams”, the signal for the LHC staff that they can start taking data, for the first time in 27 months.

This marks the start of season 2 at the LHC, opening the way for new discoveries. The LHC will now run round the clock for the next three years.

You can see the events as they are collected in real time:


“With the LHC back in the collision-production mode, we celebrate the end of two months of beam commissioning, ” said CERN Director of Accelerators and Technology Frédérick Bordry. “It is a great accomplishment and a rewarding moment for all of the teams involved in the work performed during the long shutdown of the LHC, in the powering tests and in the beam commissioning process. All these people have dedicated so much of their time to making this happen.”

large-hadron-collider cern

Beams are made of “trains” of proton bunches moving at almost the speed of light around the 27 kilometer ring of the LHC. These so-called bunch trains circulate in opposite directions, guided by powerful superconducting magnets.


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