Israeli Startup Nano Dimensions Raises $12 Million for 3D Printing Tech

The company aspires to be able to produce more complicated electric devices through 3D printing.

nano dimension printer

Israeli startup Nano Dimensions, a developer of advanced 3D printers for the electronics industry, has raised $12 million (NIS 44 million) in a private placement. The company is not yet revealing the identities of its new investors, except to say that it is an international group. Current investors accompanying the company in its latest raises included board members and the company’s Chairman.

It will make the required full disclosure within the next ten days. It was revealed, however, that the investors received about 8 million shares, at 5.5 NIS per share (about $1.42), for a roughly 20% interest in the company.

Under the investment conditions, each investor will receive half an option per share, which can be exercised within two years at NIS 9 ($2.33) per option.

Previously, Nano Dimensions raised $4 million in private placements and received a $1.25 million grant from the Israeli government. The company was listed on the TASE in august of last year and is looking towards a NASDAQ IPO.

Nano Dimensions makes the first 3D printer for professional multi-layer circuit boards, as in mother boards, smart phones and remotes.

Could 3D printers mark the end of un-skilled labor in the world? First they could just be used for art projects. Then they were able to make all sorts of devices from artificial joints, bones and teeth to hard plastic parts for machines. And now they can be used – or shortly if Nano Dimensions succeeds – to make complex components for computers that include circuitry and computer chips.

So it is not a question of if, but a matter of when, Apple, Samsung, IBM, GM, LG, Normandie and all the rest will no longer need to rely on cheap labor from far Eastern countries. When that happens will China be able to continue as an economic power house since it does not innovate?

The funds raised will be used by Nano Dimensions to cover its operating expenses so that it can complete its product development and bring its new printers to the market.

Simon Fried, CMO and co-founder of Nano Dimensions, told Jewish Business News, ”We are very happy to have raised sufficient funds to take us through development and into sales and we are working hard to reach both of those goals. We are looking at making our printers commercially available by the middle of 2016.”

On the issue of changing the market place for labor he added, “at this stage our printer is targeted at those who want to do rapid prototyping of complex multi-layer ‘printed circuit boards.’ The broader PCB industry will inevitably be affected by 3d printing and it will change the need for the labor, thereby reducing the demand for low wage labor and the negative environmental impact that comes with much manufacturing.”

“You can set up a factory in Germany and level the playing field in electronics, ” said Fried

Amit Dror, Nano Dimension’s CEO, noted, “We thank the investors for their vote of confidence in the company. This is a substantial amount that will enable Nano Dimension to achieve its business goals in the upcoming years.”

Nano Dimension was founded in 2012 and focuses on the development of advanced 3D electronics printing, including a 3D printer for printing PCBs (printed circuit boards), and the development of nanotechnology-based ink products, which are stand-alone products.

The company was established by Sharon Fima, Amit Dror, Simon Fried and Dagi Bin-Noon, who had backgrounds in digital print and technology companies.

Nano Dimension boasts that it uses a unique technology which actually combines three technologies: inkjet, 3D printing and advanced nanotechnology. These, it says, enables the use of conductive ink for printing the conductors on PCBs. The company states that it is developing a unique and innovative 3D printer, capable of printing advanced multi-layer PCBs. It also produces conductive nano-inks to other sectors in the electronics market.

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