Jewish woman awarded £16k damages after being rejected for travel firm job because she cannot work Saturdays



Travel Jigsaw is based in Sunlight House on Quay Street in Manchester

A Jewish woman has won £16, 000 damages from a travel firm after it rejected her job application because her religion prevents her from working Saturdays.

Aurelie Fhima sent her CV to Manchester-based Travel Jigsaw and got a face-to-face interview.

But her application was turned down after she revealed she observes Shabbat – the Jewish day of rest which lasts from sundown on Friday until sunset on Saturday and prevents work of any kind.

Bosses at Travel Jigsaw sent her a letter after the interview which said: “After careful consideration we cannot offer you a position at this time. We are still looking for people who are flexible enough to work Saturdays.”…


Manchester Evening News



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