WATCH: Shia LaBeouf Teams With London Students On Art Project


shia labeouf-2

Shia LaBeouf worked with a London art students on their school project. So that’s what an out of work actor does to try and rehabilitate his reputation.

You remember LBeouf, don’t you? He was that guy from the Transformers movies who was touted as the next big thing until his multiple very public meltdowns.

So now he has made a collection of 36 video clips for a group of fine arts BA students at London’s Central Saint Martins.

ā€œA lot of us became interested in the way that Shia was being used as an artist and engaging with his art practice, but also using his status as a celebrity as a platform for his work, ā€ Andrew Smith, one of the fine art students who spearheaded the project, told The Guardian.

ā€œShia LaBeouf is in this place that oscillates between the two worlds of his mass audience and his art audience. And this was also about branching those two audiences, making the live stream an access point for people who might not know or have visited a degree show.ā€

See the video below.


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