Published On: Fri, May 29th, 2015

Uber Fights Back Against NY Taxi and Limousine Commission

The ride sharing service is angry over proposed new regulations regarding its app.

Uber is competing against BMW,   Audi and Mercedes-Benz for a mapping service,   according to the New York Times.

Uber’s problems keep on growing. Now it is being threatened in New York by that city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission.

Spain, India, Oregon, Nevada, and now New York. How much longer will Uber be able to keep its billion Dollar valuation amidst all of the scandals and cities — even whole countries — where it can no longer operate?

So What’s the problem now? NY’s TLC wants to extend its authority to cover ride sharing services provided by companies like Uber in addition to traditional taxis. Specifically, it would require that car-service companies inform the commission of updates to their apps.

Seeing the threat to its very existence should America’s largest city — and the world’s most significant one — curtail its services, Uber is fighting back.

The company fears that the new regulations could require it to reveal proprietary technological information.

Commenting on the proposed new rules, Uber said, “It has no experience regulating mobile applications. Nonetheless, the TLC proposes rules to license and regulate nearly every facet of mobile applications used to request trips from for-hire vehicle drivers.”

But at a public hearing on the matter TLC Chairwoman Meera Joshi shot back saying, “It’s not software, it’s not source code or any advanced programming.”

“We’re not requiring the submission of any passenger information or any information about lifestyle and habits at all, ” she added. “Simply date, time and location of pickup.”

Ryan Wanttaja of the TLC added, “We want more apps in New York City, we think these rules enable that to happen. There’s nothing in there that’s restrictive, there’s nothing in there that should pose a barrier of entry to any app that wants to legally play in the New York City for hire transportation industry.”

Josh Mohrer, the head of Uber New York, countered that, “Every time there’s an app update, which you know happens a lot every week, really they would want to see that app before it goes into the market. It would stifle innovation and hold Uber to a different standard than other black car companies.”

Whatever the TLC’s intentions may be, one thing is certain. Traditional taxi drivers livelihood is being thretened by the new ride sharing services.

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