Mark Cuban’s Cyber Dust To Produce First Original Web Series


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Mark Cuban’s private messaging app Cyber Dust is partnering with Adam Rose on its first original web series, according to a report in The Wrap. The series will premiere this summer.

The new series is called “That’s a First with Adam Rose, ” which the “Weeds” actor co-created with Jordan Winter. Its 90 second episodes will be released on YouTube. It will be sort of a reality series featuring Adam Rose engaging in various activities for the first time like flying a helicopter.

Put another nail in the coffin of traditional television. The broadcast networks have been dying for some time. First it was because of better and more groundbreaking original shows on cable. Then it was live streaming from Internet sites like Netflix.

Now new media and reality programming have come together at last. The irony here is sweet. The broadcasts networks gave birth to the whole so called reality industry in order to compete with new media for lower costs. Now the monster is going to destroy the creator.

“One of the great things about Cyber Dust is the value our users get out of the exclusive content that’s being created and shared amongst millions of dusters. We are excited to have Adam doing our first Cyber Dust Original Series that we’re sure his fans and many Cyber Dust users will be thrilled to engage with, ” Cyber Dust CEO Ryan Ozonian told TheWrap.


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