Published On: Tue, May 19th, 2015

International Investor Jim Rogers: There Will Be Wars Over Water, Oil in the Middle East

International investor Jim Rogers warns that there will be wars over two precious commodities: oil and water.
“There are going to be wars in the Middle East over oil east of the Red Sea, but west of that there will be wars over water since there are serious water problems in that region, ” Rogers told OctaFinance.“We will also have problems in the western parts of the US with the depletion of a big aquifer, from what I read, ” he said.

He adds that the water problems are a worldwide issue. “China has got gigantic water problems. First they have the water in the wrong place and second the water is filthy, terribly polluted in many cases. So someone is going to make a lot of money in China helping them to solve their own water problems, ” he said to OctaFinance.

“That’s the opportunity right now. Figure out how to get the water from the wrong place to the right place, clean it up and you can get very rich, ” he said.

The dire future for the world is connected to the lack of water, according to Rogers

“Water is the single most important determination of civilization. People can survive recession and war, revolution and famine, plague, but they cannot survive without water. That ends the whole story, no matter how smart you think you are, ” he said.

“Throughout history we have had economic slowdowns every four to seven years, every so often. Always have, and always will. Nobody has solved that problem, not even the central banks. We are going to have another one in the world. We are going to have more I should say, and they will get worse because the debt situation is higher and higher, ” he said.

“We hear all this talk about austerity and cutting back but every country in the world has higher debt now than it had last year and will have higher debt next year, ” he said.

“The buildup of debt in the US alone is staggering; Japan is staggering, everywhere is staggering. So the next time we have an economic slowdown it is going to be much worse than the last time, and if the world survives that one, the one after that is going to be worse and worse.”

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