Published On: Sun, May 17th, 2015

Covenant Journey — A Birthright Program for Christian Youth — Has Launched

The college students who participate will advocate for Israel after they return home.

Covenant Journey

A new program called Covenant Journey aims to be a “Birthright” for Christians.

For 20 years, Taglit, or Birthright, has been bringing Jewish youths to Israel for completely free short trips. The only requirement is that they not have been in a formal tour or study program there in the past.

Now a group of Jewish conservatives and Christian donors have created a trip for Christian youths too. Covenant Journey expects to bring up to 250 students on an 11 day trip to Israel over this coming summer.

Some of the strongest supporters of Israel in America are Christian conservatives. Politicians and preachers alike – such as Jim Huckabee who is both – are very vocal in their defense of the Jewish State. Christian tour groups are almost as common a sight in Jerusalem as Birthright groups.

The organization says that its mission will be achieved by experiencing the Biblical and historical sites like a traditional tour, but, unlike others, this one will be tailored specifically for “building on the participants’ faith and providing them with the tools to have a far greater appreciation for the Bible, their Christian faith, and Israel.”

At an unveiling for the program held at the Israeli embassy in Washington, Ambassador Ron Dermer said, “There’s one thing better than standing with Israel, and that’s standing in Israel. It is critical to bring the next generation of leaders in the Christian Community to Israel.”

“If they walk in the places where the patriarchs and the prophets and the kings and that young Rabbi from the Galilee walked, then they will stand with Israel here and they will strengthen their Christian identity, ” added Dermer.

covenant journey 2

The tour will consist of groups of approximately 40-50 students from various Christian colleges and universities. Summer tours will be May 17-26, June 6-17, June 16-26, July 11-22, and Aug 1-12.

Each selected applicant will be offered an all-expenses paid, 9- to 11-day tour of Israel originating from New York. Each applicant will only be required to pay a $500 registration fee and for flights to and from New York. Except for the registration fee and travel to New York, the tour is fully funded by Covenant Journey and includes flights from New York to Tel-Aviv and back, hotel, ground transportation, and three meals per day.

The organization says that, “A Covenant Journey tour of Israel is unlike any other, as it is designed specifically to motivate its participants to discover and affirm their Christian identity through an experiential journey and educational experience of Biblical, historic, and modern Israel, providing participants with the ability to advocate for Israel upon their return.”

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