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[Video] Felix Dennis’s estate on the market for $14.7 million

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The estate of the late British publisher Felix Dennis is on sale for approximately £9.5 million ($14.7 million). The maverick publisher created an estate that includes several English country homes and a Treasure Island-themed play barn that alone cost £5 million ($7.55 million) to build.

Dennis, a renowned British publisher and philanthropist who died last year at the age of 67 after a long battle with throat cancer, moved to the country house in Warwickshire in 1987. He was the founder of Dennis Publishing which dominated the computer and hobbyist magazine segment in UK.

The property is now being carved into 11 lots, but the entire estate could be bought for £9.47 million. Lot 1 is called “The Old Manor”, an Elizabethan country house with nine acres of land. The thatched roofed country house dates back to 16th century.


DENNIS-Felix Dennis' leisure complex that feature in his Highfield House,   known as Treasure Island.


Dennis was among the co-founders of the 1960s underground alternative magazine Oz, which faced a high-profile obscenity trial in 1971 – resulting in a short jail term for the young publisher.

In 1995, Dennis Publishing created Maxim and made it into the world’s biggest selling men’s lifestyle magazine. In 1996, Dennis bought a majority stake in The Week, making it into his flagship brand with a worldwide circulation of over 700, 000.


Screen Shot: Rob McGibbon meets Felix Dennis


In his final years, Dennis renounced his flamboyant playboy-lifestyle and turning to poetry and forestry. He planted more than a million trees covering over a thousand acres of land near Dorsington, Warwickshire. He once famously wrote; “Whosoever plants a tree, winks at immortality.” Now according to his will, most of his wealth would go towards maintaining the forest.”


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