Published On: Sun, May 10th, 2015

Monica Lewinsky Offered $1 Million for Her Infamous Blue Dress

Lewinsky has also written something sweet for her mom for Mother's Day.

Monica Lewinsky Bill Clinton

Would you pay $1 million for that infamous blue dress which belongs to Monica Lewinsky? Apparently the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas would.

You know the dress that we are talking about. It is the one that became the center of the entire Lewinsky scandal which led to President Clinton’s impeachment by the Congress in 1999. For more than a year Americans were captivated by the news reports of a certain stain on the dress.

Clinton could have just denied having had any sexual relations with that woman – Lewinsky – if it were not for the stain. But he left behind some of his DNA in the form of a semen stain. Yuck!

Apparently the museum has upped its offer from an earlier lower amount of $250, 000. The museum wants it for an exhibit “examining the private relationships of people in power, gender dynamics [and] politics.” That’s what its executive director Victoria Hartmann told the New York Daily News who says that she made the offer to Lewinsky in a letter sent on February 20th.

A letter? Who send letters anymore?

Monica Lewinsky Blue dress

Hartmann told Lewinsky that the dress would, “serve to bring awareness to the complexities of sexual relationships and how they are perceived by to the complexities of sexual relationships and how they are perceived by Americans, especially when it involves those we put our trust in as leaders.”

When offered the measly sum of $250, 000 last year Lewinsky responded, “It’s time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress.” She has not yet responded to the $1 million offer.

It is not even clear if she still has it, but if she does then Lewinsky would be a fool not to sell it. Who wouldn’t?

Meanwhile, Lewinsky gave an open ode to her mom for Mother’s Day today. She wrote, “If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t still be here.”

“It’s true.”

“Without your love and support during the maelstrom of 1998, I don’t think I would have made it through the Starr investigation and the long shadow of the debilitating aftermath. To be sure, survival those first few weeks — drowning in a sea of fear, humiliation and devastation — would have been unimaginable had you not tended to me as only a mother could — as only you could.”

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