Marco Rubio defends ties to major donor Norman Braman


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Rubio’s relationship with Norman Braman, a billionaire South Florida auto dealer and former owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, has come under scrutiny — notably in the pages of The New York Times  this weekend — as the freshman Florida senator has mounted a presidential bid… [READ MORE]


… “Mr. Braman gave $100, 000, according to records he shared with The New York Times. Dario Moreno, who oversaw the university center where Mr. Rubio worked and who taught classes with him, confirmed that Mr. Rubio had raised the money from Mr. Braman”… [READ MORE]


… What is unusual about this, is that Rubio is heavily in debt, and for a time he and his wife was actually directly on Braman’s payroll. What did Braman get for his generosity? First, donations to his pet charity cause. And second, support for lowering property taxes and raising the sales tax… [READ MORE]

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Norman Braman was a graduate of Temple University with a degree in business administration. he began his career in the marketing and sales department for Seagram’s Distributors. Later he founded Keystone Stores, a chain of self-service department stores in central Pennsylvania. In 1964, he organized Philadelphia Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics, a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and was President and Chief Executive Officer.

In 1972 he bought a Cadillac dealership in Tampa, Florida – the beginning of his current automotive empire. Three years later he bought another in Miami and today he is the Chairman of Braman Management, an umbrella company for his automotive businesses encompassing 23 franchise locations in Florida and Colorado, including Braman Motorcars located in West Palm Beach and Jupiter. Braman Motorcars sells the luxury brands of Audi, Bentley, BMW, MINI, Porsche and Rolls-Royce.

He was sole owner of the Eagles in 1986. The team won at least 10 games per year for five straight years through 1993. He sold the team at the peak of its game to Jeffrey Lurie in 1994.

He is the chairman of Art Basel.

Mr. Braman is well known for his community activism and philanthropy throughout South Florida.



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