LifeBEAM and Lazer Announce Expanded Partnership in Bio-Sensing Sports Gear



LifeBEAM, an Israeli developer of bio-sensing technology, and Lazer, the world’s most established helmet producer, will expand their partnership in bio-sensing sports gear. LifeBEAM Smart Helmet, the world’s first bio-sensing cycling helmet and the first joint project between the two companies, will be released in two new colors in order to give cyclists more style choices and meet growing demand for the product.

In addition, LifeBEAM and Lazer announced their plan to release a new generation of products at Eurobike 2015 in August.

“Serious cyclists know that to boost their performance, they have to monitor their heart rate and other key vitals. The LifeBEAM helmet is the first cycling-dedicated product that makes heart rate tracking comfortable, cost effective and functional, ” said Sean van Waes at Lazer.

“Demand for the LifeBEAM Smart Helmet exceeded our expectations, which is why today we’re launching new designs and expanding our partnership with LifeBEAM. We share a vision of making cycling helmets that not only will keep riders safe but also enhance their training and health goals.”

The LifeBEAM Genesis, originally released in White Silver, will now be offered in Mat Black and Shiny White. Production of the helmet will be ramped up to ensure that LifeBEAM, Lazer and their partners can continue to meet international demand.

Today, the LifeBEAM Smart Helmet is carried by major wholesale distributors including Quality Bicycle Products (USA), Madison (UK), Bike Sportz (Australia), Live to Play (Canada) and Wolvenberg (Benelux).The new designs will be available at stores in 50 countries beginning in June 2015.The LifeBEAM Genesis can also be purchased online from LifeBEAM, Lazer and ecommerce sites such as Amazon and eBay.

Throughout 2015, LifeBEAM will continue to expand its product line, and the company will continue to license its bio-sensing technology to devices, apparel and gear manufacturers. In addition to Lazer, LifeBEAM recently partnered with Samsung, which embedded LifeBEAM technology in the new Simband platform for wearable devices. Additional B2B partnerships have been formed in the last year and will be announced as the products are ready for market.

“The LifeBEAM Helmet was inspired by our original bio-sensing gear designed to keep jet pilots, astronauts and special forces safe in the most harrowing conditions imaginable, ” said Omri Yoffe, CEO of LifeBEAM. “The success of the LifeBEAM Helmet is a testament to the aerospace-grade sensors, the thoughtful design of the Genesis helmet and the unique value we can provide when we combine both into one product. We know we’re on the right track, and we’re excited to work with Lazer on the next generation of wearable cycling technology.”


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