Published On: Tue, May 5th, 2015

Open letter to the newly appointed management at American Apparel

Raf Akopyan - American Apparel - Dov Charney Demonstaration - L.A times

Dear Jewish Business News,
I read an article this morning discussing claims that current and former members of the board at American Apparel conspired to remove the founder.

Please read my note below and do whatever you feel is right. Thank you for your time.



This is an open letter to the newly appointed management by NY hedge fund Standard General at American Apparel. There has been a lot of discussion lately accusing former chief financial officer John Luttrell of mismanaging finances and fraud. I am a former creative of almost 5 years from the company’s factory and headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles. I stopped working for the brand in June 2013 and began another job at Perry Ellis International with Cynthia Erland and Roberta Oglakhchyan. Erland offered me security and a place within American Apparel in the future after being approached by her fellow conspirators in exchange for information on Dov Charney and company. I have stood by quietly and observed these events unfold over the last few months but cannot just watch any longer.

As of February 2015, Cynthia Erland is the new VP of Marketing and Roberta Oglakhchyan was just announced as Director of PR at American Apparel. We had several conversations throughout that past summer I worked for Erland where she spoke freely of how Allan Mayer, a member of the board of directors, was conspiring to remove it’s former CEO and founder to replace with Paula Schneider. Check out this article about him dated June 19, 2014 here. He’s named co-chairman immediately after Charney is ousted. Mayer co-authored “Spin: How To Turn the Power of the Press to Your Advantage” and sure found a way to spin this story around.


Raf Akopyan - American Apparel - Dov Charney


Almost half a year passed after working for Cynthia Erland and slowly but surely the firings began and staff were replaced by those infiltrating the brand. These individuals have been planning a hostile takeover of the largest clothing manufacturer in North America for much longer than the public has been lead on to believe and even worse, right before their eyes. This group has been biding their time and now are reaping in shares, bonuses and much more at the expense of employees whom are without work after almost 10 years at the factory. In addition, they have been using the stolen power of the brand’s voice and following to divert attention toward truth and what has really been happening.

Not only has their been mass layoffs of almost 200 workers in the factory but accusations of mistreatment and retaliation after employees were observed meeting to discuss their rights and latest concerns about management. They’ve taken it upon themselves to fire several dozen other types of employees whom have worked for the brand almost a decade or more and have a connection to it’s former CEO and founder. Anyone who opposes the hidden agenda fueled by shady NY hedge fund Standard General and owner Soo Kim is being removed from the company.

Dov Charney was offered a multi-million dollar deal for his stake at the company and when refused Luttrell and team launched a smear campaign to oust the former CEO and founder and set the scene for a sale in the near future. I can no longer stand aside and allow these injustices to prevail. How can someone who has been lying, deceiving, extorting and conspired to commit a crime be the new CEO at American Apparel? How dare Paula Schneider parade around on May Day and say the LA based brand is a “company that does the right thing, ” when she has not been. Shame on you!

These individuals used and exploited myself for their own personal gains to extract information about my former employers and much more. Also, I was underpaid and delayed for compensation on several occasions. This has caused severe emotional distress, anxiety and the inability to sleep due to how I have been manipulated and lied to time after time by someone with no shame and a lack of conscience.

I stand by these statements and urge those that care about made in usa and those that have made it all happen over the years to please consider this very seriously and ask questions about Standard General and what’s really going on at this brand. This new management should be under investigation not running the company.

You can destroy the founder and image but an idea can never be stopped. There is already those who believe in the truth. Hundreds of former and current workers marched in support of these efforts outside the factory on May 1st in DTLA!

Please check out for a petition, videos and more information.

By Raf Akopyan

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