Menorah Islands Backers Say They Are Promoting Peace

Plans for the Menorah Islands Project envision centers for research and education in a variety of scientific fields, one on each artificial island.

Menorah Islands

The United Abrahamic Family (TUAFI), the company behind the
artificial island Menorah Islands Project, is announcing its long-term strategy for spreading its message of peace through economic cooperation and pursuit of shared interests.

The Menorah Islands Project is an idea for a complex of nine artificial islands and several causeways off the coast of Israel. These islands and causeways would be laid out in the shape of a candelabra, representing the object for which the complex is named. Seven of these artificial islands are permanent, with residential areas, retail, and institutes of higher learning. The outermost islands on either side emerge from the water at different points throughout the year.

The project’s promoters believe that it will somehow be able to play a role in the furthering of peace in the Middle East.

Israel is a very small country. Most of its citizens live in the narrow strip of land known as Gush Dan, or the greater Tel Aviv area. Even with massive building projects throughout the country, the price of apartments in Israel has skyrocketed in recent years.

There is also the ecological impact of continued building in the mostly desert country. Environmentalists feel that all the new buildings along with the new infrastructure and roads destroy natural habitats of all manner of wild life.

“Districts for learning and science… will be an idealized example of what the future on Planet Earth and beyond can look like, ” according to TUAFI.
Initial investors would have the opportunity to contribute funding towards purchasing the newest available technology for future use on the islands. Such innovations include water desalination machines and atmospheric water generators to increase the freshwater supply, electricity from alternative sources, and the newest and most productive agricultural methods.

TUAFI also aims to create an area with enough jobs to help boost Israel’s overall economy. Recent statistics show that Israel’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2013 was $291.4 billion. However, TUAFI believes the potential is much greater when compared to other areas of the world. New York City, with a population roughly the same size of Israel’s, reported a GDP of $1.33 trillion in 2013. TUAFI believes that the new industry generated by the Menorah Islands Project could help increase Israel’s overall financial output by increasing tourism to the country and creating a construction boom.

These new, future steps follow on the heels of a successful media campaign that reached millions of people around the world. TUAFI is continuing to push its vision into the wider sphere while setting the groundwork for its next major goal, recruiting industry professionals who could assist on honing the exact costs and possibility of such a project.

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