Published On: Sun, May 3rd, 2015

Turkish Movie ‘Mastermind’ Accuses Jews of Wanting World Domination

Can't anti-semites at least try to be a little original?


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A new Turkish film called “Mastermind” (Üst Akıl in Turkish) purports to tell the true story of how the Jews have aspired to dominate the entire world for the last 3, 500 years. Talk about chutzpah!

To call this movie an exercise in anti-Semitism would be an understatement to say the least. It is also very poor in quality and not very likely to get nominated for any awards.

Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels could not have done any better in all of the propaganda movies which he made attacking the Jews.

The movie opens with images of a Star of David and the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem. There is also an image of World Trade Center burning on 9/11, as if the Jews were responsible for that attack.

Then it shows a video of a speech which Turkish President Erdogan gave last December in which he pretty much said the same thing that the movie accuses world Jewry of doing.

Erdogan said, “I am emphasizing this: Do not think that these are operations that target me personally. Do not think that these operations are against our government or any [political] party. My friends, the target of these operations and initiatives is Turkey, Turkey’s existence, her unity, peace, and stability. They are especially against Turkey’s economy and its independence.

“As I have said before, behind all these there is a Mastermind, which has now become part of our national conversation. Some ask me, ‘Who is this mastermind?’ and I say, ‘It is for you to research this. And you do know what it is, you know who it is.'”

The narrator says, “The Mastermind, whose roots go back thousands of years, who rules, burns, destroys, starves the world, creates wars, organizes revolutions and coups, establishes states within states – this ‘intellect’ is not only Turkey’s curse, but the curse of the entire world. Who is this mastermind? The answer is hidden inside truths and facts that can never be called conspiracy theories.

“This story begins in the very old days, 3, 500 years ago, when Moses brought his people out of Egypt to Jerusalem. The only guide he had was the Ten Commandments. This is what was placed inside a wooden Ark which was later brought into the Temple of Solomon.”
“This is not myth but fact. And we have to look for the mastermind in Jerusalem where the sons of Israel live.”

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