TLV Moda Launches Israeli Fashion Site

Features Items from Local Fashion Designers

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Israeli fashion company TLV (Tel Aviv) Moda has launched a new website. The firm declares that this is a sign of just far the Israeli Fashion World has progressed.

The new Israeli fashion web portal was launched by fashion expert Talia Ben-Tal Schnitkes. For it she sought-out Israel’s top fashion designers. Many of these emerging fashion designers have struggled to have their fashions shown in the past, but the company asserts that all that has changed with this new site.

High tech – AKA startup nation – agriculture, medicine and now fashion. Is there no end to the fields in which Israelis will innovate and improve upon?

On the new users can navigate and browse the fashions that they are interested in and which are displayed in each category. The site features the following sections: What’s New, Sales, Women, Lingerie, Accessories, Bags, Shoes, Men, Unisex, and a special section about the designers, which numbers around 26 design teams.

TLVModa boasts that items featured on the site are one-of-a-kind, giving their wearers that special feeling of exclusivity.

During a recent interview, the creator of TLVModa, Talia Ben-Tal Schnitkes, made these remarks: “We are entering an era where us ordinary folk – and not just the rich and famous – can strut our stuff in a jazzy outfit designed just for us and no one else. TLV Moda has carefully selected some of the most inspiring and exciting Israeli designers who dedicate their craft and flair to creating these fabulous one-off pieces. With one-of-a-kind fashion becoming more of a mainstream trend, practically any woman can now flaunt her fashionista swagger, because she is the only one wearing THAT killer dress by THAT hot new designer she discovered on TLVModa.”

TLVModa declares that part of its mission is to give back to the community. This philosophy is behind TLV Moda’s association with the non-profit-organization ‘Forget Me Not’, for the establishment of a hospice in memory of the late Jacob Schnitkes.

Its aim is to create a hospice that will provide patients with a home and supportive environment, easing the pain and allowing them to maintain their dignity during their last days. A 2.5% of all sales on TLV Moda is donated to ‘Forget Me Not’ and its goal of building the hospice in central Tel Aviv.

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