Published On: Wed, Apr 29th, 2015

24 Cool Styles, One Cool Israeli Patent

In today’s demanding world, women have to balance between family, career and social obligations; and constantly shift from one role to another – all in a day’s work. Wouldn’t it be great if they could change their clothing styles as well – to fit the mood and occasion — without having to spend time or hassle?

One Israeli innovation promises men and women just that. It’s a shirt that lets you magically transform your look in 24 different ways. This customizing shirt is called “Morf.”

So what’s the secret behind “Morf?” The shirt has a simple double-layer construction that allows it to change colors, patterns and looks. The shirt comes in three color combinations – blue, red and green.



Its inventor Tamara Salem explains how the idea was born: “[it was] almost accidental – I wanted to sew my best friend a shirt for her birthday, and I had this vague idea for a multilayer top — black front and white back, ” she said. “But only when I actually held it in my hands, I discovered I could flip it and get a totally black shirt, and then flip it again and get an all-white shirt. I realized then how many different options this structure offered.”

The invention is so unique that it is one of the few shirts ever to be registered by the U.S. patent office.

Morf is made of light-weight fabrics and needs no buttons or zippers. According to the shirt’s inventor, Salem, it is so simple to use that it needs no instructions manual. All one needs is a little creativity and a desire to try out new look.

It is a blessing for men and women on the move, especially those who like to travel light.

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