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Google Launches New Wireless Service “Project Fi”

“By designing across hardware, software and connectivity, we can more fully explore new ways for people to connect and communicate.”

Google has taken the next step in its plan to become the biggest company in the history of the universe: it unveiled its new wireless internet service aptly called Project Fi. The world rejoices.

However, some people are not celebrating. These would be anybody with a financial interest in internet service providers and broadband internet access providers.

As we all rely more and more on our mobile devices to stay in the loop and connected to every other one of the almost 8 billion people on planet Earth, desktop computers that are not so easy to carry around with us wherever we go are becoming less and less needed.

Google has just taken a major step towards the death of the desktop. The company boasts that its Project Fi will allow users to “seamlessly” move from one Wi Fi hot spot to another without any interruptions.

You know the problem: You are in a coffee shop or someone’s home using their wireless internet connection. But then you leave and need to log off and then search for a new network to log on to. Well Google now promises that this will no longer be a problem as its service will let users jump from Wi Fi connection to Wi Fi connection seamlessly.

But there is a catch, of course. The wireless service will only work with its Nexus 6 phones and on Sprint and T Mobile cell phone networks in the U.S. It will cost $20 a month for up to 2 gigabytes of data, but customers will get credited for any unused data.

In a blog post, Google said that Project Fi, “enables us to work in close partnership with leading carriers, hardware makers, and all of you to push the boundaries of what’s possible. By designing across hardware, software and connectivity, we can more fully explore new ways for people to connect and communicate. Two of the top mobile networks in the U.S.—Sprint and T-Mobile—are partnering with us to launch Project Fi and now you can be part of the project too.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Net-techie

    April 30, 2015 at 1:01 pm

    Google is striving in the tech market. It has gotten a
    very positive response over their new innovations. This project is just another
    out of the many they have started. There are many companies that are trying to
    make the user experience their the
    best way that he can, but there are limitations. Google wants to break those
    limitations and make an example out of this new project.

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