Published On: Fri, Apr 17th, 2015

Georges Marciano Suing over Brothers’ Use of ‘Guess By Georges Marciano, ‘ Files Counterfeit Complaint

He also filed a formal complaint with the police for counterfeit

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Designer Georges Marciano has announced that he had launched a civil lawsuit for the illegal use of “Guess by Georges Marciano.” Marciano is demanding the cessation of production and the destruction of all “counterfeit goods” that mention the trademark “Guess by Georges Marciano”.

This comes just weeks after the fashion designer filed a first lawsuit in which he accused Guess Inc. of opposing the trademark “Royal Navy by Georges Marciano, ” a move that now effectively prevents him from using the name “Georges Marciano” in his business.

The RCMP has also received an official complaint in this matter after cosmetics for men and women bearing the trademark “Guess by Georges Marciano” were acquired from an online boutique, despite the fact that, in 1993, the founder of Guess had cancelled the “Guess by Georges Marciano” license agreement when selling his shares to his brothers.

Hundreds of similar items are available on the Internet, Marciano said in a statement, “a situation that is all the more surprising since the Guess Inc. brand is well known for its intransigence with regards to similar brands and the counterfeiting of its products.”

With these measures, Georges Marciano seeks to “shed light” on the current use of the “Guess by Georges Marciano” brand more than twenty years after rights to its use were rescinded.

“I am determined to fight to put an end to the illicit use of my name and recover monies to which I am entitled, ” asserts Georges Marciano.

Or go to family counseling. Either way is good.

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