Published On: Fri, Apr 17th, 2015

23 Chilling Facts about Robert Durst that Should Keep You Up at Night

He was arrested at Wegman's supermarket for trying to shoplift a chicken salad sandwich

Robert Durst


  1. When he was seven, Durst witnessed his mother commit suicide by jumping off the roof of their family home in Scarsdale
  2. In the ’70s, Durst used to engage in primal scream therapy with John Lennon and Yoko Ono
  3. He tried to force his ex wife, Kathleen Durst to have an abortion. According to a family friend, “His contention was that there was a sort of pre-existing understanding that in their marriage she’d be childless.”
  4. He used several “canine-themed names” to create fake businesses such as Woofing LLC, WoofWoof LLC, and Igor-Fayette Inc just to name a few
  5. But don’t think he was an animal lover. Durst owned a series of seven Alaskan Malamutes all named “Igor.” According to Durst’s brother, all the dogs “died under mysterious conditions.” His brother says, “In retrospect, I now believe he was practicing killing and disposing his wife with those dogs.”
  6. Using nothing more than a scanner, copier, and laminating machine, Durst was able to create countless fake IDs for himself, and has traveled and lived under dozens of different aliases over the years. He used different identities to buy cars, rent apartments, and open credit cards
  7. Speaking of his aliases, Durst pretended to be a mute woman to avoid answering questions about his ex wife’s disappearance
  8. He was arrested at Wegman’s supermarket in Bethlehem, Pa. for trying to shoplift a chicken salad sandwich, bandaids, and a newspaper (even though he had $500 cash in his pocket)
  9. He is suspected of murdering and dismembering his elderly neighbor, Morris Black
  10. He admitted to using a paring knife, two saws, and an axe to dismember Black’s body
  11. Morris Black’s head was never found
  12. Durst was acquitted of the murder of Morris Black because his lawyer said he had Asperger’s Syndrome, which prevented him from feeling strong emotions, making it impossible for Durst to ever get angry enough to kill someone
  13. The judge that presided over the Morris Black trial believes Robert Durst left a “severed cat’s head on her doorstep
  14. When authorities arrested Durst in March 2015, he was operating under the female alias “Everett Ward”
  15. Several of his own family members have obtained restraining orders against him, claiming they were afraid of him. In total, 13 orders of protection were issued against Durst by members of his own family
  16. In 2014, Durst was arrested for exposing himself in a CVS and urinating on a rack of candy. His lawyer described the incident as an “unfortunate medical mishap”
  17. Durst also got busted for urinating in his uncle’s trashcan at his family’s company, the Durst Organization
  18. Durst apparently used Viagra as a “party drug”
  19. In addition to the three murders he’s connected to, authorities now believe that Durst is also responsible for murdering an 18-year-old college student named Lynne Schulze in 1970
  20. In his most recent arrest, authorities found Durst with a loaded gun, and a “flesh-toned latex mask with salt and pepper hair attached.” Creepy.
  21. Authorities believe Durst was plotting an escape to Cuba, where he may never have been caught. When police apprehended him, they found marijuana and maps of Cuba in his possession
  22. One of Durst’s strange disguises involved wearing a fake mustache and shaving his eyebrows off
  23. While filming the documentary, The Jinx, Durst wore “Japanese doe eye contact lenses” which are designed to make you look innocent and “like a baby deer.”


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