Woody Allen Hit on Mariel Hemingway When She Was 18 But They Didn’t Go to Paris


Mariel Hemingway woody allen Manhattan

Mariel Hemingway has written about how creepy it was to have a then 41 year old Woody Allen hit on her before she was 18. This happened when she starred in the director’s 1979 film “Manhattan.”

Talk about irony. In the movie, Allen’s character at one point leaves his girlfriend for a much younger woman played by Hemingway. In the end he loses both.

We all know by now that Woody Allen has a thing for younger women. He was also known to date (and occasionally marry) his leading ladies, including Louise Lasser (did), Diane Keaton (lived together) and Mia Farrow.

The actress and granddaughter of Earnest Hemingway wrote about how Allen asked her to fly to Paris with him while they were working on the movie, but she declined.

Hemingway wrote in her new book “Out Came The Sun, ” “I just know that when I said, ‘I can’t go to Paris with you, ‘ he didn’t [go to Paris], and he left. He left quite immediately, and that’s fine. I got it. I got that maybe he had a fantasy of an affair and it just wasn’t going to happen with me. I wasn’t that girl. I was too young.”

The actress believes that Allen was enamored of her and is sure that he wanted to pursue a sexual relationship.

“Our relationship was platonic, but I started to see that he had a kind of crush on me, though I dismissed it as the kind of thing that seemed to happen any time middle-aged men got around young women.”

She told her parents about the invite that she “didn’t know what the arrangement was going to be, that I wasn’t sure if I was even going to have my own room. Woody hadn’t said that. He hadn’t even hinted it. But I wanted them to put their foot down. They didn’t. They kept lightly encouraging me.”

The now 53 years old Hemingway told The Huffington Post, “He was interested in me, and in my naive, young mind from Idaho, I thought, ‘Oh, we can be friends.’”

“I was a kid, ” she continued. “When the realization happened that Woody Allen’s not going to be my first boyfriend, and then my parents didn’t step up to do the parenting they should’ve done, I sort of had to do it myself and say ‘This just isn’t going to work out.'”


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