Barbara Walters to Revisit her Old Time Criminals in New ID Network Series


When Barbara Walters, 86, left “The View, ” it wasn’t because she was moving to some retirement home, it was to do something new in television. And now we know what it is: starting in October, she has a new series on the Investigation Discovery network.

Investigation Discovery (the ID Network), owned by Discovery Communications, features documentary criminal investigations of a violent nature: homicide, kidnapping, stalking, sexual assault, domestic violence, disappearance. The good stuff.

They’re very big on forensics, like most of America.

The network reaches approximately 86 million U.S. households (73.9% of households with television).

Walters will present “American Scandal, ” a series that looks back on well-known crimes that she covered when they were fresh (if you said the Lincoln assassination you should know it’s very rude).

Walters will revisit the case of Jean Harris, who murdered her boyfriend, and Mary Kay Letourneau, who raped her 12-year-old student (who died eventually from excessive high-fiving).

Walters will make six episodes of “American Scandal.”

Other folks gathered by the ID Network include veterans (that’s polite for has-beens) like Paula Zahn, Tamron Hall, Chris Hansen and John Quinones.


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