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April 2015 Economic Horoscope: Stay Home, Lock Everything, Keep Silent, You Might Come Out Alive

From 4/28 to 4/30, the Sun is in Taurus, in an harmonious aspect to Neptune in Pisces, symbolizing hope and faith in improving the situation – but until then, don’t ask

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April begins with a lunar eclipse which symbolizes, together with Uranus and the sun, some turmoil until 4/8. This turmoil will be impacted by sudden global events, beginning with natural events of an unexpected magnitude, and ending with a shooting war and feelings of insecurity that will probably generate staggering economic fluctuations.

However, the straightening of Jupiter, starting 4/9 in Leo will generate from optimism all the way to euphoria, possibly indicating changes in international relations that give a positive feeling and create market changes.

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From mid-April, the presence of Mercury and Mars in Taurus in problematic aspects will increase the engagement of world banks with the need for changes in Europe, which could strip the sense of security and expose the dire economic straits of a country or a large corporation.

April aspects will determine new situations which will not be temporary. The last days of the month will be engaged in wound healing and rehabilitation. This month will probably see much destruction, from natural disasters to war and economic collapse in some regions, with impact beyond the local calamities.

From 4/1 to 4/3, the Sun is in Aires, with an harmonious aspect to Jupiter in Leo, and there will be gripping enthusiasm around a project or an issue that might sweep economically, but also introduce financial risks.

From 4/3 to 4/8, a lunar eclipse will be the precursor of polar conditions, and a war may affect large neighboring areas. The Sun is attached to Uranus with a 90-degree aspect to Pluto (a cardinal square), symbolizing volatility, shocks after dramatic natural events with fatalities, but also an increasing tendency for major accidents and the risk of outbreaks of war or serious military confrontations. It is an aspect which in economic terms is associated with separations between partners, between countries, and in major economic alliances—conflicts that usher in separation without turning back.

Most decidedly, from 4/5 to 4/7, Mars is in Taurus with a 150 degree aspect to Saturn, and so expect an erupting crisis with hostile relations in financial areas as well as in areas of security.

On 4/12, Venus visits Gemini, and Venus in Gemini not is not friendly situation. It will have a major influence on global media and mass communications, with a background of problematic aspects of the stars in Taurus, which means Venus in Gemini will not improve at all the general nastiness.

From 4/9 to 4/18, Mars is in Taurus with a square aspect to Jupiter in Leo — a difficult aspect of harsh energies, disharmonies that may lead to factors that will cause financial losses. Dealing with the economy will be like climbing a greased pole, as conflicts between countries will remain unresolved. Struggles between opposing economic interests, banks versus government, the people versus government policy, conservative versus liberal forces, resulting in financial losses. In the area of security, many lives will be lost, with lingering effects.

From 4/11 to 4/15, Venus is in Gemini with a disharmonious aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius — an aspect of poverty, reports on poverty and misery, drought and the scarcity of basic materials, causing rising prices or larger gaps between rich and poor.

On 4/15, Mercury reaches Taurus, a location that yearns to turn labor into security and a search for a sens of belonging, permanence. Its aspects with Saturn in Sagittarius from 4/15 to 4/17 are disharmonious. This aspect will indicate difficulty in signing contracts, extreme positions that cannot be bridged. The banks position versus the public is not accepted. Not a good time to seek employment or start an important project.

From 4/16 to 4/20, Venus in Gemini with a disharmonious aspect (90 degrees) to Neptune expresses disappointment from ideas, from people who make promises they don’t keep. It’s a time when scandals and criminal information are exposed. It’s a problematic time imbued with a general feeling that more is being hidden than revealed. Not a good time for business starts, and it is recommended that one avoid trusting promises during this period, because their only purpose is to promote an idea without accepting any responsibility for consequences and casualties.

From 4/16 to 4/21, Mercury is in Taurus with a square aspect to Jupiter in Leo. It is a very severe aspect, rife with difficulties in terms of work. Could be reports on unemployment, and a much lower GDP than was expected. Disappointing partnerships, bad days to sign agreements and contracts or to start work, buy a house or a car. It always stimulates extremist conservative groups against the government, resulting in numerous protests, strikes that hurt the country’s major arteries. Confrontation between the banks and the government.

On 4/20, the Sun moves to Taurus, a location which fosters seeking safety, financial support and asense that the world wants to feel more secure economically.

From 4/19 to 4/22, Mercury is attached to Mars and together they form a harmonious aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, symbolizing the need to survive and generate new economic starts, which are built from scratch, investing a lot of work without seeing immediate results. The very fact that Mars and Mercury are attached in Taurus symbolizes an energetic, neurotic, aggressive, nasty struggle. Their attachment is hard and disharmonious, which proves that opposing forces are joining together to start rebuilding anew, be it a country’s economy, or following a natural disaster, or starting to repair war damages.

As the Sun enters Taurus, is creates, between 4/22 and 4/24, an aspect of crisis with Saturn in Sagittarius. It’s an aspect that points at the world’s poor countries, which suffer from a lack of food and raw materials, through drought, climactic change and natural disasters that cause the decline of the world’s raw materials and food. There’s a general sense of malaise, pessimism is rampant in a world that appears darker because of the growing confrontation between rich and poor, and between extremist forces trying in many ways to disrupt people’s sense of security. It, in turn, reinforces the sense of insecurity in many parts of the world. That’s what this attachment of Mercury and Mars are causing, one of the most problematic zodiac attachments, resulting in loss of human lives in wars and natural disasters, as well as large-scale economic collapse of a country, a very large corporation, and large, influential banks.

From 5/25 to 4/27, Venus in Gemini with a positive aspect to Uranus in Aires, improving the state of communication, projects, new beginnings. The commercial aspects of these areas will be good and can yield financial success.

From 4/28 to 4/30, the Sun is in Taurus, in an harmonious aspect to Neptune in Pisces, symbolizing hope and faith in improving the situation. But we must maintain our sense of realism about the world around us, and devote our attention to healing wounds, Venus is in parallel in Gemini, with a disharmonious aspect to Chiron in Pisces, meaning healing pain and wounds.



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