Jason Alexander to Replace Larry David in ‘Fish in the Dark’


Jason Alexander is set to succeed Larry David as the star of the hit Broadway play “Fish in the Dark.” Let the Seinfeld connection continue.

This will mark Alexander’s return to Broadway after a 25 year absence. He has not performed there since taking on the role of George on Seinfeld. The actor got his start on Broadway before starting his career in front of the camera with small roles in movies like Pretty Woman.

The Tony Award winning Alexander will take over the part on July 19th.

“I left Broadway 25 years ago because Larry David co-created the show that would change my life and career, ” said Alexander. “It is totally amazing that he also created the show that would bring me back to Broadway. I am thrilled I get to do this hilarious play for him and with this wonderful cast. It is quite simply more fun than any bald man should have.”

He added to the New York Times, “The character is not George Costanza. It’s not like I can just put that slipper back on. It doesn’t frighten me, but it’s not a slam-dunk.”

“Finally I can enjoy the show, ” said David. “Not only was I fortunate enough to write for Jason Alexander on Seinfeld, but I also had a ringside seat watching his brilliant, indelible performances. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I heard he was replacing me in Fish in the Dark. Finally I can enjoy the show.”

The Hollywood Reporter said of the play, “The uninitiated may sniff, but Larry lovers will plotz.” Let’s hope for Alexander’s sake that audiences will feel the same way about him.



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