Watch: Gay Students Bust Another Jewish Home Naftali Bennett Campaign Event

The LGBT group was only interested in screaming.

Yet another campaign stop of the Jewish Home party featuring its chairman, Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, was terminated following loud interruptions by LGBT students.

Jewish Home has been complaining about these interruptions, in which small groups of left-wing activists invade their rallies and prevent them from continuing.

Minister Bennett was invited Monday night by students from the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, to speak and answer questions.

Almost as soon as the event had begun, one gay student stood up and started shouting, calling Bennett a homophobe and shouting: “I’m a human being, let me live.”

The Jewish Home platform has nothing to say about the LGBT community or same-sex marriages, although it does connect the party’s message to Jewish Law. However, a videotaped interview that was conducted in January by the National-Religious website Kippa asked several Jewish Home candidates for their views on non-traditional marriages, and, as expected, they all said it was not a legitimate marriage.

In a short political campaign as Israel is having, this tape became the most familiar aspect of this right-wing, largely conservative party, and exposed it to attacks in the media—leading to these loud interruptions by self-appointed gay activists.

As can be seen in the tape, despite Bennett’s repeated attempts to start a dialogue with the small group, which hijacked the event from the hundreds of fellow students who were actually interested in what he had to say—the LGBT group was only interested in screaming.

A short time later, Bennett, seeing it was impossible to continue the event, left, follwed by strings of curses from the gay group, according to the news website News 04.

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