Jon Stewart: Netanyahu Celebrated Jewish Holiday of SuukOnIt Mr. President

“It was a festival of slights."

Jon Stewart on Tuesday suggested the Republican Congress gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “by far the longest blowjob a Jewish man has ever received, ” regardless of “whether or not Netanyahu achieved his goals of sabotaging a deal with Iran or mistakenly opened up a rift in U.S.-Israeli relations.”

Stewart was referring to the excited applause and several standing ovations from the congressional crowd.

Stewart suggested that the speech, based on an invitation from House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), behind the White House’s back, came on the Jewish holiday known as “Suuk-On-It Mr. President.”

“It was a festival of slights, ” he explained.

Stewart said that Netanyahu’s speech was a clear demonstration of Israel’s influence on U.S. politics. He noted that Netanyahu “comes here, publicly slaps Obama in the face, and the president’s response is, ‘It’s OK, everyone should know I’m buying him gloves so when he hits me, it doesn’t hurt his hand as much.’”

Now, that’s vintage leftist frustration if we ever heard one.

Stewart agreed with Obama, who had argued that Speaker Boehner et al would not have been so happy had the Democrats invited the prime minister of France to attack President Bush on the Iraq war.

“They would’ve gone fucking bananas, ” he said. “Republicans would have demanded the inviters be arrested for sedition and treason. For God’s sakes, just for France not joining our coalition, Republicans officially had the word ‘French’ removed from Capitol Building fries.”

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